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The IntelliCell app is intended for use by account holders using Intellimali.

IntelliCell allows you to view your balances, request vouchers for payment and receive all notifications sent via SMS.

With IntelliCell you can perform also the following:

* View your details
* Update your bank details (available only to account holders with a cash allowance)
* Register a card (available only to account holders who’s cards can be registered)
* Pay your accommodation (available only to account holders with an accommodation allowance)
* Find merchants within a 10 km radius
* Change your PIN
* View a full list of transactions

Important Note:
* Only one device can be linked to an account. If you attempt to register multiple devices, your account will be suspended
* Please ensure that your cell phone number is correct on your account (make sure that it has been updated at your funder as well)

Download IntelliCell using one of the links below:


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